Alison and Melody haven't seen each other since college, and both of them have ended up in places the other would have never expected.

Production history:

346 Productions (Houston, TX, staged reading), Ignition Productions (Houston, TX, pictured)

​Comedic 10 min; 2f

"In Full Bloom"

Roger and Beth struggle to agree on the details of the most consuming event of their lives.

Production history:

Nylon Fusion's Connect: Disconnect Short Play Festival (NYC, pictured, photo by Al Foote III), University of Houston (staged reading), Playhouse 1960 (Houston, TX,), Young Playwrights Festival at Horizon Theatre (Atlanta, GA)

​Drama 10 min; 1m, 1f

Paige Zubel - 10 Minute and One Act Plays

Left to right: Alex Ferrill, Nicole Aiken

"The Pull of the Moon"--Published through One Act Play Depot.

Kaleb and Erin wrestle with lingering trauma framed in professor Peter's lecture on the cycle of waves.

Production history:

Letter of Marque Theatre with Lady Plays Podcast (Brooklyn, NY, staged reading, pictured, photo by Lady Plays Podcast), Ignition Productions (Houston, TX, staged reading), Midtown International Theatre Festival (NYC).

​Drama 25min; 2m, 1f

Left to right: Cat Thomas, Jeana Magallon

"Gel Us"

Friends Laura and Kathy realize that running a marathon can be a lot like some relationships: not worth it.

Production history:

Lakeshore Players (White Bear Lake, MN), Cider Mill Playhouse (Binghamton, NY), University of Houston (pictured, photo by Pin Lim). 

​Comedic 10 min; 2f

Left to right: Kate O'Phalen, Meredith Cody, Jordan Rosin and Terry Greiss

Left to right: Kelsey Busboom, Kat Cordes