Marry, Marry, Quite Contrary

Devised by the Paper Doll Ensemble

​Dramaturg, Paper Doll Ensemble, 2019-2020

     New Play Development

       Through Ignition Productions, Zubel was involved in the workshop process of multiple new plays. During week-long workshops in           collaboration with performers, director, dramaturg, and playwright, initial drafts of these scripts were reshaped and polished into             more final products, and then given a staged reading. A talkback followed the reading to continue the discussion on the growth of           these plays:

  • Death Drives a Minivan by Nicole Zimmerer (One Act, 2016)
  • Winners by Will Inman (One Act, 2016)
  • Judas Kiss by Caitlin Turnage (Full Length, 2016)
  • Roundpoints, Recoil, and You by Connor Woods (One Act, 2016)
  • Tip the Horn by Caitlin Turnage (10 Minute, 2016)
  • Cheap Stuff, No Beer by Nicole Zimmerer (10 Minute, 2016)
  • Coma by Will Inman (10 Minute, 2016)
  • Mistress Fish​ by Vic Shuttee (10 Minute, 2016)
  • Made of Glass by Paige Zubel (full length, 2016)
    A String Between Man and the World​ (full length, 2016)
  • Toy Cars Down Steep Slopes by Caitlin Turnage (Full Length, 2015)
  • Sole Roots by Caitlin Turnage (10 Minute, 2015)
  • Take Me There by Caitlin Turnage (10 Minute, 2015)
  • Outlawed by Rachel Halicki (10 Minute, 2015)
  • Tessa by Will Inman (10 Minute, 2015)

Left to right: Kenn Hopkins, Kat Cordes, Ronden Perrin

This is How Girls Die

Devised by the Paper Doll Ensemble

​Dramaturg and Facilitator, Paper Doll Ensemble, 2019

Season Dramaturg, InterAct Theatre Company, 2016-2017

Image from Marcus/Emma​ by Mary Tuamanen

Directed by Becky Wright

Left to right: Shunte Loftin, Joshua Clark

Zubel also dramaturgs freelance with individual playwrights. Contact them to begin a conversation on how to get your play ever closer to the play it ultimately wants to become. 

Bus Stop by William Inge

Assistant dramaturg, University of Houston 2015

​Directed by Adam Noble

​Photo by Pin Lim

Intimate Apparel by Lynn Nottage

​Assistant dramaturg, University of Houston 2016

​Directed by Sara Becker

​Photo by Pin Lim