How to Kill a Water Bear

​Two months ago, Erin stopped going to class. They stopped leaving the house, actually. Their partner Liv’s been sleeping on the couch, hoping that space will do the trick. Their roommate Jo thinks they just need to get laid. The clouds are gathering, and Erin’s just trying to find their way through the storm. A grappling of healing and the ripple effects of trauma specifically within the queer community. CW: sexual assault​

​InterAct Theatre Company (PA), Development and Staged Reading (2020)

​Drama, 70 min, 4w/non-binary performers

A New Kind of Whole

​As Lea, a college freshman, navigates the line between what is real and what is a projection of her deteriorating mental health, reality distorts and blurs. CW: depictions of depression and discussion of suicide

Philadelphia Fringe Festival, Workshop Production, 2018

​Drama, 70 min, 3w/non-binary performers

A String Between Man and the World

Miles Alloway appeals for his release from a mental health facility. He claims wild, bizarre, unfathomable things to prove who he thinks he is and where he's been. Is he insane, or could he be telling the truth?

What If? Productions (NC), Workshop Production, 2018

​William Inge Theatre Festival (KS), staged reading, 2017

Ignition Productions (TX), staged reading, 2016

​Drama, 90 min, 1m

Left to right: Casey Magin, Joshua Clark, Will Inman, Laura Menzie

Actually, Honestly Going to Fucking Die

A talking ice cream trunk. Sand that breathes. Aliens and Area 51. An Alice-in-Wonderland-esque exploration about addiction and sobriety in young adults.

2nd place and Special Commendation for the Terrence McNally Award, Philadelphia Theatre Company, 2021

​Dark comedy, 70 min, 4w/2m

Made of Glass

Margie and Jeff rediscover their relationship while Amy, their 18 year old daughter with down syndrome, is on a summer trip and away from home for the first time in her life.

Trustus Theatre Company (SC), Semi-Finalist, 2017 Playwrights' Festival

Ignition Productions (TX), staged reading, 2016

​Dramedy; 90 min, 2m/2f

Dead Meat

A deep dive into toxic masculinity and the performative nature of gender, set in a perpetual barbecue, backdropped by the zombie apocalypse. All of the characters, even the men, are to be played by women and/or non-binary performers.

​Relative Theatrics (WY), Staged Reading, 2020

​Normal Ave (NYC), Development and Staged Reading, 2019

​Ignition Arts (OK), Staged Reading, 2019

New York Winterfest (NYC), Workshop Production, 2018

Elephant Ears Productions (PA), Staged Reading, 2018

​Dark comedy, 70 min, 4w/non-binary performers

Short Plays

In Full Bloom, drama, 10 min, 1m/1f - Couple Roger and Beth struggle to plan the most difficult event of their lives. 

​Published by Smith & Krause.

Adapted into the short film Broken Lilies produced by RPR Productions. 

gel-us, comedy, 10 min, 2fFriends Laura and Kathy discover that running a marathon is a lot like some relationships: not worth it.

Published by Applause Books.

One Mourning at a Time, drama, 10 min, 4 non-binary performers​ - Four young siblings grapple with loss, flower crowns, and how to properly do the renegade. 

Troupe 98dramedy, 10 min, for 2 or 4 actors​ - Four young Girl Scouts named Sarah grapple with individuality, mortality, and trying to win the Big Blue Excalibur Mountain Bike.

​Published by Brooklyn Review.

I Liked Bill Cosby as a Kid and Now I Feel Guilty, a play for zoom, comedy, 10 min, 7 actors​ - In the midst of quarantine, 7 friends gather for a virtual PowerPoint party.

Commissioned by Normal Ave (NYC).

The Pull of the Moon, drama, 30 min, 1f/2m​ - College couple Erin and Kaleb struggle with the lasting effects of trauma. Simultaneously, Peter, a college professor, gives a lecture on the cycle of waves. Peter insists there is no such thing as rebirth in the water, but Erin and Kaleb have to find a way to rebuild once their emotional waves crash down around them.

*inspiration for How to Kill a Water Bear

Published by One Act Play Depot.