"Made of Glass"

Margie and Jeff rediscover their relationship while Amy, their 18 year old daughter with down syndrome, is on a summer trip and away from home for the first time in her life.

Production history/Awards:

Ignition Productions (Houston, TX, staged reading, pictured)

Trustus Theatre Company 2017 Playwrights' Festival, Semi-Finalist

​Dramedy full length; 2m, 2f

Left to right: Casey Magin, Joshua Clark, Will Inman, Laura Menzie

"A String Between Man and the World"

Miles Alloway appeals for his release from a mental health facility. He claims wild, bizarre, unfathomable things to prove who he thinks he is and where he's been. Is he insane, or could he be telling the truth?

Production history:

​William Inge Theatre Festival (Independence, KS, staged reading)

Ignition Productions (Houston, TX, staged reading)

​Drama full length; 1m

Paige Zubel - Full Length Plays